care home shoot0148.jpg

Wellburn Care Home.

I was commissioned to complete a photography shoot for Wellburn Care home. The requirements of this assignment were to produce portraits of the staff and residents of a local care home, and complete some reportage style images of the interaction between the residents and staff. These images were to be used around the care home and in promotional material.

Prior to the shoot, I communicated with the Wellburn Care home designer to discuss the assignment. The designer was quite specific in what he wanted produced, and had chosen the colour of the back grounds and the lighting style. I therefore completed extensive research into his requests to be able to complete the assignment effectively.

This assignment was completed on location at the care home, I used a portable backdrop, studio lights, and a gel filter to complete the shoot. I shot tethered using capture one software. I communicated well with the staff and residents to overcome problems that arose during the shoot which included staff availability, resident mobility and resident routines.

On completion of the shoot I used Adobe Photoshop and Light room to process and retouch the images, I then digitally transferred the final edit to the client in a timely manner.