Food and Drinks Guide

I was commissioned to complete various photography shoots for The food and drinks guide Tyne and Wear. The requirements of these assignments were to produce portrait and landscape shots of multiple venues across  Tyne and wear to use for advertising purposes for each venue in the food and drinks guide magazine and website.

Prior to the shoot, I communicated with each venue owner to discuss the assignment. The clients were sometimes quite specific in what they wanted produced and the style they wanted the images. however some clients were unsure and after our discussion decided what they would like. 

These assignment were all completed on location at each venue, I used a my Nikon D610 and a tripod and used the lighting that was available in each venue. I communicated well with the staff of each restaurant and the owners themselves to arrange suitable time slots and fulfil any requirements needed. 

On completion of the shoot I used Adobe Photoshop and Light room to process and retouch the images, I then digitally transferred the final edit to the editor of the food and drinks guide by the end of each day that a shoot had taken place.