Carters bakery

I was commissioned to complete a photography shoot of the products offered by carter’s bakery. This included different types of food for different purposes. The client required images of their products that showed the food they provided for general sale, wholesale and also events and buffet style services. These images were to be used to advertise their products on their website and in general promotional material. This shoot took place on location at the bakery itself, I used a portable backdrop and studio lights. Time management was essential on this assignment as on arrival at the bakery the buffet food to be photographed was due to be sent to a customer within half an hour, therefore this part of the shoot was prioritised. The client was quite specific in what was required in the wholesale and buffet images and communication was key to completing this to the client’s requirements. I did have a lot of creative freedom within the construction of the images for general sale, and therefore I used different light filters and colours to create images that made the food look as appealing as possible, I used colours that complimented and contrasted with both each other and the food items. Upon completing the shoot, I used Adobe Photoshop and Light room to process the images and digitally transferred the final edit to the client in a timely matter.